VRD 004 – Fourth Dimension EP

With four tracks the fourth VARIED EP intends to examine the Fourth Dimension. It is definable but doesn’t really exist in our current imagination. Lines and coordinate systems are useful to draw a picture of varied dimensions. To set the Fourth Dimension in co-ordination with music and even more putting it into words, is equally elusive. Yet still, there must be kind of a relationship, in a way. After all, it is music that creates something, which might have an effect on your current imagination of time and space. Simply try to reminisce about a recent moment, in which you closed your eyes while listening to a special track. Your thoughts might have drifted into another time and sphere, probably into a past occasion. All by a sudden lost memories come up, reviving in your mind, or possibly even influencing the situation. All induced solely by the sound of music. Hence we might say: music plays a considerable role in the game of dimensions. To which extend it can be associated with the true meaning of the Fourth Dimension, or the ability of imagining it… is a question that hasn’t been answered yet. Nevertheless, VARIED artists Ordinary Subject work more and more seriously on such musical dimension linkers – basis for the above mentioned emotions on the dancefloor. Everything ahead depends on none but you. A1 “Bitter Rucker“ sums up what stands written above. A2 “Dumb House“ is ironic, B1 “Zulu“ tells something from a different perspective and B2 “Timeline“ intends to outline the past, present and future…or not? VARIED // Reduced to the essential. Release Notes Cat#: VRD004 Name: Fourth Dimension Artists: Ordinary Subject (Alexander Siegel & Christian Scheel) Format: 12“ EP Vinyl / Digital Relese date Vinyl: August 5th 2011 Release date Digital: August 11th 2011 Tracklist A1 Ordinary Subject – Bitter Rucker A2 Ordinary Subject – Dumb House B1 Ordinary Subject – Zulu B2 Ordinary Subject – Timeline All tracks are written & produced by Alexander Siegel und Christian Scheel

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