VRD 003 – Augmented Third EP

Augmented Third. Our third EP introduces the Ordinary Subject – title of the latest project of Alexander Siegel and Christian Scheel. Infected by creating sound – generated sensory input – they are both enthused by the same. Following this idea, the ordinary is certainly not able to enhance a current perception of reality, but the augmented, however, can. The Ordinary Subject truly live music in an irrational way and aren´t it different views that can complete a perception? To get an impression of what we try to say, tune your ears and listen. VARIED // Reduced to the essential. Release Notes Cat#: VRD003 Title: Augmented Third Artists: Ordinary Subject (Alexander Siegel & Christian Scheel) Format: 12“ EP Vinyl / Digital Release date: April 7th, 2011 Tracklist A Ordinary Subject – We are B1 Ordinary Subject – Savant B2 Ordinary Subject – Augmented All tracks are written & produced by Alexander Siegel & Christian Scheel

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