VARIED Records (2008)

Influenced by diversity, and therefore suspenseful in it's style: "VARIED". To simplify it to the most substantial represents at first a contradiction. But this is exactly what the musical understanding of the artists behind VARIED is based on. Regardless if it's played live, mixed or through our own records, the main goal is to let the audience be a part of our conception of electronic music. A trademark characteristic for VARIED is a constant progress, which defines itself by the use of opposite and at the same time supplementing elements. Making an attempt to an appropriate description, one could use concepts like playful, reserved, variable and consistent. It is of major importance to mention the production of it's own sound structures, which is quite advanced, fed by liveness in its rhythm. Summing up variety to a clear style is something VARIED stands up for. However, since no one of us is a friend of infinte words we focus from now on to the very essential. VARIED music.

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